April 18th

I am now officially a “Nazi Mum”! Why? Because I would not allow MonkeyBoy to take choclate in his lunchbox to school today. I’m horrible, he hates me & I never let him do anything. I Am A Nazi Mum!!! (This is opposed to the Mother Nazi’s, who would swoop…

April 17th

No matter how obsessed a child is with trains – sitting on an antique carriage pulled my a steam train for 2 and a half hours is not necessarily a good idea. Not for your sanity anway.

April 16th

Ah, Easter Sunday. Normally Easter Bunny would get up nice & early to organise for egg hunt in back yard. As we have pile of dust in back yard (well, mud after the rain yesterday),

April 15th

How stupid are kids?? Sent the off again this morning to see if Easter Bunny had been. This is soooo much fun. I wonder how long I can keep it up for?

April 14th

a.m. Sent kids into garden to look for Easter eggs. Yes, I know the Easter Bunny doesn’t come till Sunday – but they’re so excited that they