Pampered whilst I sleep

The last two nights I have been treated to a full body exfoliation as I slept.

I do wish it was some form of pre-Mother’s Day gift that was a genuine “Be pampered whilst you sleep” kind of gizmo.

Sadly, it wasn’t.

I suspected the source a few days ago, and this morning, my suspicions were confirmed when I located the shoes to place on Chippie’s feet for kinder.

Why he chose to remove his shoes whilst sitting in the middle of my bed, shrouded in a doona, I have no idea.

He does lots of things I am unable to fathom.

This is the sand that remains after I had dropped this particular shoe and left a small mound of sand on the carpet.

I’m not sure how this much sand fits in his shoe whilst his foot remains in it.

Children are a mystery to me …


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  1. I love it when you pick the pants up from the wet washing pile to hang on the line, and sand pours out of the pockets as you go to hang the on the line! How on earth does it make it all the way through the wash?!

    1. I know!

      I’ve had shoes kick around the house for days, only to upend sand at the most inconvenient time – never, you know, when you’re outside or somewhere you don’t care about sand ending up.

      It’s a conspiracy, I swear!

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