Paranoid Delusional Chocolate Teddy Bear Conspiracy

It started sometime last week. To be honest, I don’t recall the day, but a parcel was delivered to my front door by our local postal service delivery lady.

She’s lovely.

I wasn’t expecting anything, but sometimes I do receive unexpected surprises – some nice, some wanting free promotion and publicity and are totally irrelevant to me, my family and what I do and some highly appropriate and much appreciated. Some contain cooking appliances (hurrah!) and others are not for me (boo hoo 🙁 !)

This looked like any ordinary parcel except that it had the words “NO BOYS ALLOWED!” written on it.

Well, ok then.

A rather ordinary parcel


The number ‘2’ in a circle threw me a bit, but I opened it anyway. Come on – it was a

14 Replies to “Paranoid Delusional Chocolate Teddy Bear Conspiracy”

  1. I bloody love this! And I bloody love that you’ve been completely and thoroughly gazzumped. Lovely friends, you have 😀

  2. It’s the NSA. They’ve been recording your emails, blog posts and Facebook. They must have decided that you needed more Teddy Bear biscuits. Just be careful – they might be cookie robots! *insert Gru evil laugh here*


    Teddy 5

  3. Amanda, call me if there’s anymore threats to your biscuits, ill be in touch, I’m just about to go and save a mint slice.

  4. Please be advised….

    Any and all chocolate teddies, and their associated notes, that are not collected in due course are the property of The Ant Army.

    Thank you

  5. I hope you keep getting more parcels Amanda, you’re my only delivery where nudity is involved. Care to share your teddies??

  6. mint slice are pussy’s/ pussies (its the tricky one to spell)
    save the teddies first the ant army is big!!!!!!!!

  7. Like Lex I can’t believe how fucked up your “friends” must be!!!!! Sounds like you have an admirer in your postie 😉 she must like the ladies……..

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