Parent Teacher Interview Fail

Awoke this morning with migraine hangover, which is really bloody annoying as I went to bed last night before the migraine kicked in fully and had a decent sleep.

Grumpy up early with an Out Of Normal Routine shift, but have since been advised it is now an Part of Normal Routine Shift Until Otherwise Advised – gah! Luckily I function well on chaos. Otherwise, we’d be in trouble.

Therefore, I had swimming lessons with toddler and white, un-deforrested legs. Is un-deforrested a word? it is now.

Toddler not cooperating well with my washed out feeling, but we managed to farewell older two with minimal drama and have a tantrum within the first five minutes of swimming lessons.

Please, I thought, please don’t make me have to say things and stick to them. I can’t deal with that this morning.

He must have got it and began to participate fully, including the bit where he screamed “Please SHUT UP!” when we sung Ring-a-ring-a-rosie, because he knew that meant an dunking under water. Apparently, screaming “Please SHUT UP!” in swimming lessons means I won’t. Little does he know.

Also, the teacher was entertained.

Home to bed (for him) before time to collect big brothers from school and ta da! I rememebred! First time in three years – Parent Teacher Interviews. I was even prepared. What with it being a “get to know your kids” interview, and experiences from last year and having learneded at bit, I figured I could tell them how my kids worked best and we could all work together in their education. Also, Monkey Boy having a new teacher, I figured we’d have a clean slate and we could work out the best way to manage his lack of confidence and trying new stuff.

I was even on time for the interivews and organised and everything.

Godzilla’s one went very well. Monkey Boy’s was a complete fail as I had completely forgotten the apparent understanding of teachers (generally) that whenever a parent comments about anything, that parent is obviously having a go at them / arguing with them / is right and the teacher is wrong and there is no way, in any circumstance that that parent may actually be giving the teacher useful information about how his/her child works best and the best ways to get them doing stuff, nor could that parent possibly be of the opinion that they can work together with said teacher in order to ensure consistency between home and school.

I have never left an interview of any sort feeling so patronised nor misunderstood.

Mostly, I was completely baffled at the defensiveness of said teacher at my questions and giving of information about my own child, whom, clearly, I know nothing about, nor am I capable of advising the best way to motivate him. Nor the best way to shoot him down and get him to be a smartarse.

I have never left a parent teacher interview before, feeling like I had failed.

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