Parenting 101: How to handle sibling disputes

We are well into the school holidays and things are going as well as can be expected.

Chippie at childcare today and the other two well and truly ensconced in school holidayness. This involves time spent playing beautifully with each other, imaginative play, sharing, laughing, but not “we’re up to mischief” laughing, having fun and at the mere flip of an unidentifiable and invisible switch, screaming, yelling, fighting and arguing over whose turn it is to play what game on the Wii.

I, rather than become sucked into the cyclone that is Children Home From School Holidays that they try to suck me into, set myself up in my office. So long as I could hear any potential, seriously hurt screaming, all was well.

Monkey Boy, after a traumatic rift, set himself up playing Lego – and not sorting out the 847 gajillion Lego boxes he has, as requested, and Godzilla went outside to play on the cubby – and not pick up the clothes he has had lying on his bedroom floor since approximately 1984.

All. Was. Well.

Unbeknownst to me, Monkey Boy had obviously bored of playing Lego.

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  1. Hahaha I am constantly in ‘Meh mode’ during school holidays. Got through well so far. See you’re doing good too 😀

  2. I wish I had an office, then I could shut the door!

    My school holiday problem is I have worked all the first week, and now I am at home I am so overwhelmed by the housework and errands that need doing that I don’t have the energy to cook clean or spend time with my kids. It’s seriously depressing.

    And when the toddler is at daycare all I want to do is sleep, sbut the nine year old needs me too. We ended up watching a movie in my room – exciting stuff! 😛

    And I agree, if you are being one, don’t whine when someone tells you so.

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