Parenting according to Daddy

I was a little taken aback this afternoon when I went to school pickup and one of the other mums, also with newborn baby, 6 weeks older than Chippie, approached me and informed me “I’m not happy with you!”

I swear, it wasn’t me. It was one of the other kids!

“Your husband told me that Chippie slept 8 hours last night! That’s not fair. I’m feeding every two hours.”


Did said husband also mention that I’d had a crap of a day yesterday with a not terribly well baby, and he didn’t actually sleep for 8 hours, but rather had a feed at 7pm, cried for a bit (lot), smeared snot all over my shoulder, cried some more, did a huge poo, was put to bed, cried more, fell asleep at 9.30 and woke for a feed at 3am.

Not necessarily what I’d call ‘sleeping for eight hours’ but I guess when you’re a Daddy you’re entitled to some visions of granduer.

Us mums just get to deal with the reality and don’t have time for delusions.

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