Godzilla’s birthday tomorrow, but party tonight.

Family only.

Thank goodness – coz that’s about 23 people.

Guests arrived yesterday and out this morning.

Made cake.

Difficult task as 3 year old mind kept changing.

Eventually, Mummy lost plot and a car cake was settled on. Cake consisted of big arse mud cake with 4 cars on it. For 4th birthday.

Not the 7 and 9 that were requested.

(Mummy couldn’t be arsed, and her 4th birthday logic prevailed)

Then we had discussions about the colours of the cars.

Eventually, Mummy really lost the plot and screamed at everyone to piss off.

Cake completed, guests arrived, bbq cooked and eaten.

Birthday gift pinata came out – along with all manner of pinata smashing implements, as could only be thought up by a nearly 4 year old and a six year old boy.

Godzilla located present purchased by currently residing guests and opened it. Monkey Boy got told off for present being opened, due to mistaken belief that Godzilla would have nothing to open on his birthday (like he cared).

Mummy stood, mouth open, lost for words. Then got another chardy.

Guests left (except those staying) and Mummy insisted on scooter being assembled so Godzilla would have something to open on his birthday.

Scooter purchased yesterday is pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Going to bed!

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