Peanut Butter, Cornflake & Raisin Cookies

So … as it transpires, and not surprisingly so, we find ourselves with one of those ridiculously huge boxes of cornflakes, of the fully branded kind, in our pantry.

The box that holds 17 kilo or there aboutes.

I can’t remember where it came from; possibly a leftover from some Scout camp my kid never went on, but we ended up with it anyway. Just as likely is it is a relic from a recent visit to Melbourne for one of Grumpy’s many siblings, who brought their offspring, or friend’s offsprings, or a bunch of them were staying together and they brought it to save on breakfasts (or breakfastses if you prefer) or … something.

It’s not an item we usually purchase, so, for a while there, it was coveted by my own offspring. As we had no less than five Tupperware containers, not even close to nearing empty, containing breakfast cereals they

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