Peas and carrots

Off on a course again all day – so the kids had another “Daddy Day”.

These are always fun days. They do lots of fun stuff without me.

I made the obligatory evening phone call during my break, muffled voices, screaming and fighting over phone.

Spoke to Grumpy Pants, who was in fine form. Yes, had a fabulous day. No, they’ve been good. Yes, eaten dinner, just sitting down to watch a movie.

Spoke to Godzilla, who couldn’t speak long as the movie was about to start.

Spoke to Monkey Boy. Yes, they did have a good day. They watched Harry Potter one.

And two.

And were about to watch three.

Dinner was yummy. It was cheesey macaroni.

With peas.

Godzilla stuck a pea up his nose.

Hmm, great. Not sure why Grumpy thought the day was fabulous in particular, but anyhoo.

Hung up. Went back to course.

Then it hit me.

I remembered the Tupperware with the carrots in it.

Still sitting in the bottom drawer where I had to hide it from Godzilla two nights ago, so he wouldn’t eat all the carrots.

Someone should really feed that kid some proper food.

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