Penguins in the Morning

Sunday – a.m.

I had the most amazing pleasure of being invited along to a Penquin Tea – which sounds fascinating, but was really the Twitter hashtag for a morning tea at Penguin (of the book variety, not small bird-like variety) publishing headquarters.

I love a good book. In fact, reading is one of my most favourite pasttimes. It closely follows my love of food and eating.

So, after a scrumptious breakfast of poached eggs and grilled bacon on turkish bread, with a side of grilled tomato, I dragged the family out for some moring tea.

Where they quickly got their priorities right:

I live in a house full of food and book lovers. It’s not all bad.

Aside from good food, good coffee and the scent of good books, we were treated to the

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  1. ooh THANK YOU! I’m struggling with a reading prodigy I didn’t even know I had until he strted school… I’ve been looking for book ideas for presents, and you’ve just given me some great ideas 🙂

  2. Excellent – I have one of those, too (the reading prodigy) At age 7 he read the entire Harry Potter series – 3 times, in one year.


    The tricky bit was finding books that were interesting but he could deal with emotionally (you know, know kissing and girl germs and stuff :D)

    We’re doing ok. So far! Although have had to answer lots more questions than I wanted to have to answer 😀

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