Penis. Bum. Poo. Fart. Rubber. Milestone


Dinner time is still wallowing in a mire of ‘poo face’, ‘bum bum’, fart jokes and ‘look at my penis’ type rambling.

The four year old thinks it is the funniest conversation ever, and is one of those people who will continue on the same path in the vain hope that someone, at some point, will laugh. Kind of like dads and their jokes; if no one laughs the first time, they’ll keep repeating it until someone does. That it gets less funny with each telling is not the point.

The ten year old, too, thinks its pretty funny. Mostly because he knows who much we’re over hearing it, so he keeps it up because a) he is ten and b) because we want him to shut the fuck up about it.

And the twelve year old?

Well, he never really got into it as much as the other two seem to have, but he was never immune to the hilarity of the odd ‘bum face’ or ‘poo poo head’. He has, however, reached a new point in this vein of humour. A milestone.

It’s inevitable, I guess, I just wasn’t really prepared for it. It happened seemingly overnight.

Yes, we are now at the stage where everything

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  1. I remember when the word “eraser” was being pushed on us as kids as far back as the early 90s, and it probably goes even further back than that.

    As far as kids go and their humour? I agree that it must be so damn draining but I can’t help but remember so vividly myself at that age. Sometimes long-term memory can be a burden, other times a saving grace :/

    Remembering what one was like at such an age can provide a bit of insight into the mights of the kids today, though it doesn’t necessarily grant the patience we wish we had.

    Either way, I hope for patience on your part but a surcease moreso 😛 Let’s hope this passing phase passes quickly, eh?

  2. Yeah, I remember being all giggly and embarrassed about the word, and wonder if it’s the kids who grew up in that era who are now teachers and still struggling to come to grips with the word? Just a though.

    Totally remember being a kid! I used to hide from my parents whilst I ate spoonsful of Milo – now I hide from my kids and do it, then yell at them for using too much Milo 😀

    Just a development phase – we’ll get through it, hopefully without too much trauma for either party. o.O

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