People are stupid

I’ve come to the conclusion that (some) people are incredibly stupid. Or just plain selfish and inconsiderate. Or really are affected by pregnant women.

After my gripe of a few days ago, I decided I was not going to put up with the comments any more, and that I would speak up. Coz, really, it does bother me.

(Well, I don’t mind people with a “common interest” talking about it, or my friends, coz at least they don’t make stupid comments. Except, of course, they know what pees me off, so they make stupid comments).

But today took the cake! Another lady at swimming, whom has been going for the same length of time as me – 3 years – and we have the standard small talk conversations every week, has now decided it absolutely essential that she say to me each week “Oh, ho, he or she is getting bigger!”

No shit?! Really? Coz, um, in my abdomen, surely I have a clue!

She follows this up every week with “So, how long left now?”

Why don’t you pay more attention, you stupid cow?

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