Perfect timing as usual!

Ah, the sore throat has gone.

And has been replaced by laryngitis.

I know. Amazing. Most people lose their voice and have a sore throat at the same time. I should be so luckly. Not sick. But no voice.

Makes the getting-ready-for-school-with-two-boys-no-husband-and-a-baby soooo much fun. Hilarious, apparently. Because, whenever I requested that they put their shoes on etc etc blah blah, they just laughed at me.

Bloody kids.

And not only did it happen when the Grumpy one not home – not all bad, becuase he would have pointed and laughed as well – but I had a conference call and a business meeting (phone) scheduled for today.

On the upside, telemarketers kept hanging up on me. And I did get some sympathy from the other mums at school

One even offered to pick the kids up and take them to her house after school. Good thing she did, because I accidentally fell asleep and woke up 5 minutes after school pickup.

Woke up with less voice than I had this morning.

I’m now wondering if I should go to sleep tonight. There’s not much voice left to go!

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