Perhaps a bit of a lie down will help

It finally happened.

It was bound to, really.

Yet another night of bugger all sleep, my website issues of a few days ago resolved and I am faced with another this morning. But … but … my To Do List has Stuff on it. And Things. Stuff and Things and I want them finished. One item even says “finish this”.

Difficult under the combination lack of sleep, school holiday, vomiting todder, fuzzy brain stuff going on. But more issues and it’s just pissing me off.

So I go and have MUG and some breakky and am happily eating my strawberry jam on toast and reading the bits of this morning’s paper that a) dont’ involve football and b) that Monkey Boy hasn’t cut out, when Monkey Boy and Godzilla walk past each other, barely touch and Godzilla lets out one of his trademark screams.

It was all I could do not to grab his arm, snap it over my leg and say “There! When that happens, then you can fucking scream like that. Now shut the fuck up!”

Seriously, the dramatics and screaming and reaction to nothing are insanely ridiculous.

Forced not to go and break his arm over my leg, instead I snap and throw my toast at him, missing him and leaving a big red blob on the all behind him, and just above the milk-spillage that had caused the Leg Sawn Off With Rusty

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  1. I know your pain.
    I have two at the scream for the sake of it stage.
    Peel the paint off the wall screaming.
    One of them is being particularly good at it today. Am very close to ripping his arms off and inserting the stumps into noise making orifice.

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