Phew! Getting critical

Grumpy found time to take kids to barber.

Good thing really, as things were getting quite serious. Approaching critical really.

Conversations went like this:

Monkey Boy: Mummy, I fell down the stairs. It really hurts.

Me: *snort* *snigger snigger* PAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Monkey Boy: Mum, Godzilla hit me with a train. On the head.


I was beginning to feel like a bad mother. Not quite, but getting there.

Its not my fault. He looked ridiculous. I couldn’t help but laugh. I did try really hard not to, but … you know, some things are just out of your control.

(Thank goodness Godzilla’s green face was fading. Only noticable if you looked very closely. And knew where to look)

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