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  1. You’re ace!
    One thing I’d add is to get in close – either by moving closer for cameras that only have digital zoom (phones, some smaller compacts), or by using your zoom to fill the frame with your subject. Yes you can do this later by cropping, but you’ll lose quality and detail. Zooming has the added bonus of pushing the background out of focus a bit more, too 🙂

    You can avoid red-eye by (obvs!) not using the flash, or by bouncing the flash off a light-coloured surface. There are after-market addons for SLR cameras that attach a mirror to that little doohickey above the pop-up flash to do this for you, or you can use a bit of foil-covered cardboard taped to the front and angled so the flash hits that convenient wall behind you – you know the one, it’s right there when you need it, right? 😉
    Portaits are much trickier, but again, I’ve found that if you are always taking photos of your kids then eventually they start ignoring you and go back to doing their own thing. That’s when you can take the time to frame up some special shots.

    Thank you so much for fixing comments! 🙂

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