Picking your battles

One of my favourite “expert” advice is “pick your battles”.

I learnt this very early on. And have many, many stories to share as a result.

Unfortunatley, my three year old has either completely ignored this advice, or overlooked it entirely.

He approached me this morning, pantsless, as he is prone to do, and shirtless. Naked, basically.

“I wan’ dis shirt on!” he yells at me.

Otherwise distracted, I attempt to put it on him.

“NO! Not dat shirt!”

Erm. Ok then. Whatever.

“I wan’ it on!”

At which point it started doing my fucking head in.

This went on for some time.

Clearly, he was wanting a battle.

What he failed to appreciate was I really didn’t give a fuck what shirt he had on, of if he even had one on at all.

From a psychological perspective, it was fascinating to watch.

Who says three year olds throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want? Sometimes, they throw them because they do get what they want, just there’s no challenge in it.

The result was a pre-schooler, with his shirt back on, screaming about how he wants his shirt on, and a mother with a confused look on her face.

This confused look rapidly reverted back to a “meh” look and she continued on her merry way.

Which was getting ready for a lunch organised by the amazing PorterNovelli Melbourne office. I donned my festive black, with a touch of mashed banana, courtesy of the aforementioned pre-schooler, hopped in the car, dropped child off with his father and head off to a fabulous afternoon with some equally fabulous people and food.

Where I was faced with another batthe. The lunch was supposed to conclude at 2pm, allowing me ample time to locate my car, head home and collect children from school.

Sadly, main was only being served at that time and I had to decide what to do.

I chose not to have a battle with myself, sent a terribly worded and poorly spelt text message to Grumpy Pants advising him I would “be a shild, srr u at 4 ish” and had to retype and resend.

For the record, dessert of chocolate turrine is fairly influential in the realm of inner turmoil. Just saying.

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  1. I’m not sure I even see a battle with concience for the last one!

    I think your 3 year old is sending vibes to my almost 5 year old though…

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