Playing Favourites

The school reports came home yesterday.

The kids did well.

Godzilla’s was really good. Monkey Boy’s was as well as could be expected under the circumstances. If we’re honest, it was a good report. Just not as good as I know he can do. But it’s been a shit year, and really, I think he’s done some amanzing things given everything that’s happened.

He’s also blown me away with what he has learnt, outside of academia. He’s reinforced what an amazingly smart and compassionate person he is; smarter and more compassionate than quite a lot of adults I know. I’m amazed at what he has learnt about himself. Stuff you never see on reports.

Still, it was really hard to have the Report Reading Discussions with them.

Of course, the report coming home also signifies the End of the School Year and that that last day of school is only days away.

Um … a day, it seems.

I do like to give their teachers, at the very least a token of my appreciation. A small gift, and a card or letter saying “Thank you”. I do regard teachers quite highly and do appreciate the work they do.

This year, however, I can’t do that. Well, for one teacher I can; Godzilla’s. She has been amazing with him, and very helpful to me. The year has, essentially, been a non-event for Godzilla, even considering the process and diagnosis we went through with him earlier this year. She has been incredible and made my life easier. She is awesome.

She deserves to be acknowledged for this. The “fair” person in me, however, is doing its “You can’t give one of them a card and not the other”. That is, until I contemplated a card.

All I could thing of was:

“Thank you for showing my son there are some people in this world who are just stupid and you just can’t get through to them…”

“Thank you for enabling me to teach my kids that some people are just fuckwits…”

“Are you really so incapable of seeing that perhaps you were even partly responsible for the

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