Plumbers bum, builders butt, what next …

Ooh, a party plan party thing that I didn’t organise.

That hasn’t happened for some time.

Mind you, I did have to cancel one that I did have scheduled for today but ran out of time to organise.

And got invited to one that I didn’t. This should be exciting! I can sit back and relax.

Except, of course, Grumpy had to go do something which he “communicated” (I use the term loosely) at some stage this morning, so kids had to come with me.

No probs. School mum, so my kids know her kids. Yippeee.

Getting ready and bend down to tie up some shoe laces.

i really do need to update and upgrade my bras!

Monkey Boy points this out to me. Well, really he says “You’ve got big boobs, Mummy”

Yes, actually I am aware of that. I’m also aware that my bras need upgrading so they are better hosts for my boobs.

“They’re very big though, Mummy”

Yes, and what is it with boys and boobs.

“You know what, Mummy. Do you know that you can get nice tops. Do you know what sort of tops you need to get so that everyone can see your boob crack?”

At what age is it reasonable to explain the concept of “cleavage” to a male? And is it worth the effort?

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