One thing that just occurred to me – something “they” never tell you.

Talk of poo.

We all know that Mums can talk about poo. But “they” never tell you that “talk” consists of the analysis and need to describe, in minute and highly descriptive detail, its consistency and colour.

Nor that you are, at times, required to conduct the analysis in order to provide highly descriptive details to medical professionals.

And, in order to do this, you are required to examine poo for things that resemble wriggling white threads of cotton, marbles or Lego pieces, or to compare the colour of poo with the entire range of Wattle paint colours.

Mostly, “they” don’t tell you that Discussion of Poo is, in fact, a well known, but not highly discussed, competitive sport.

I wish I’d been told this earlier. Then I wouldn’t be feeling so inadequate as a mother. I wasn’t quite prepared for the competitiveness of it all.

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