Post Christmas Traditions – 1, 2 and 3

We’re off on holiday soon, and a friend is popping by later this afternoon, and, although a day early, we commenced the tradition of taking down the Christmas Tree.

This is where I insist that it must come down before it really starts shedding it’s needles, and everyone has something better to do.

Then commences the requesting someone get the boxes from whence all the balls and lights and tinsel and other festive-tree type paraphernalia came, then explaining where they can find it, then explaining it in more simple terms, then requesting someone go get it again as I’m up a friggin’ ladder trying to remove whatever is on top this year, then redirecting people’s attention to the job of getting the boxes for putting stuff away, please, then going and getting them all myself.

Where I find them in the very location I suggested in the first place without any worries.

The removal of balls and other hangy things commences, where the kids remove one (not each, just one) to my 132. Due to the new Wii and placement of tree, a bald patch has developed on the tree, near where Grumpy has been playing Wii tennis.

Also located under and in the tree were several shards of glittery gold ball. Grumpy looked decidedly guilty.

Next commenced the Removal Of The Lights which involves me standing precariously on a kid sized stool, telling Grumpy leave the house entirely because, no, you are not helping by removing all three strands of lights and scrunching them up into a ball then leaving me to untangle and place in three seperate boxes, then repeating myself with “please move away”, “please step away from the tree”, and “please watch where you are standing, now move away” and variations thereof.

I am then left to put everything back in the boxes and stash them away until next December, while everyone else traipses pine needles, bits of stray tinsel and shards of broken ball throughout the house.

That job done, and its the ceremonial dumping of the tree into the green bin.

Which Grumpy has informed me he will do soon. In the meantime, it is sitting on the back decking, just outside the door.

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