Post Christmas Traditions

The 6th of January (aka today) is the 12th day of Christmas.

I have no idea what the hell that means – aside from that bloody song that sounds crap when sung by a bunch of 6 year olds in a badly accousticed hall.

It is also the day, traditionally, that the Christmas paraphernalia is taken down and packed away till the 1st of December. It is well know that it is bad luck to have Christmas paraphernalia up past this date.

(I only wish someone would inform the retail outlets of this)

So, in order to manage it effectively, I went for my walk, and when I returned Grumpy Pants was up a ladder removing the Christmas lights from the front of the house, four year old assistant on hand to push the ladder out from under him, and

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  1. WOW – I thought we were the only family that put our Christmas tree in the bin. We have a great photo of it from the previous years execution. I hope that you take photos – they are hilarious.

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