Post Christmas Wrap Up

A crazy few days it has been, and much craziness has unfurled during that time.

Chippie’s foot still retains its red, hard, lumpy area, but so far no red marks have appeared up his ankle or leg. There still remains the possibilty that it will “break down and ulcerate”. Or not. Limbo. Love it.

We had our traditional Santa photos, where I force the kids to have photos with Santa. Unfortunately, the refuse to allow me this opportunity to be annoying and demanding, and happily comply. Possibly because he is a very nice Santa and gives them lollies. Also, he’s just a really nice Santa. Chippie, however, refused to comply, clinging to me as though his life depended on it. He also wouldn’t partake in the “Santa photo with one child having a screaming tantrum” scenario.

Just flat out refused.

Until, of course, Santa obliged him with a lollypop after the older two had their photo session done, and he hopped on Santa’s lap and subesequently refused to get off.

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