Powering Down

Notification in our letter box a week or so ago – possibly several weeks, but I only just found it under 13 old newspapers spread across the table – advised that there would be a power outage in the entire street today.

Thus, I worked my little (I use the term generously) bum off to give myself the day off. Stuff ticked off lists whilst I worked well into the darkness hours to get things done so I could take a real, proper day off. You know, one where I wasn’t thinking about all those things I wanted and needed to get done? One of those.

Thwarted, it was, at 3.00p.m. yesterda when the producer of A Current Affair rang and wanted me on camera, making a comment for a story they were doing. And they wanted me in the afternoon.

Which threw all my Evil Day Off Plans into chaos. Never mind, I didn’t think I’d be able to fit them all in anyway. It was mostly the haircut that I wanted.

A message a few moments later came, requesting the interview occur at 9.30a.m., which suited me way better. Except, obviously, I wasn’t going to get a haircut in before then.

A friend staying overnight last night had the showers backed up for usage all morning, and I was lucky to swing a 30 second shower in before running off to do the school run – a last minute alteration to plans, too – racing home and, desperate for a coffee, flicking the kettle on only to be met with silence.

Oh, yeah, that power thing I’ve known about for a week.

Into the bathroom to whack on some makeup before the cameras arrived, flick the switch, curse the lack of memory that neglected to remind me we had no power and I do my makeup by the light of the teensy, frosted glass bathroom window.

Was glad I was not going to be home to watch my interview as the likelihood of Scary Makeup was approaching severe-to-catastrophic.

The camera men arrive and I advise them of lack of electricity. We get around it, because they are professionals.

Interview done, I escape the house. Mostly because there is no option for coffee, and head off to spend a voucher I’ve had kicking around in my handbag for near on six months.

So I do … although I have completely forgotten how to have a Day Off, without family, friends or someone around. It took me a while to order a coffee and just sit, before going and trying on jeans that I so desperately need, only to have them fit my new, slimmed down bum, but far too looooong in the legs.


The lovely lady at Jeans West was lovely, though and I eventually got what I needed, albeit with a bit of running and ringing around.

Not only that, but as I went to pay for them, I was advised it was a 40% off storewide day. And so that similar process occurred – the sales and percentages off, not the stuff being too long for me – continued everywhere I went.

It was, ultimately, a lovely day with many bargains scored and some lovely new clothes that fit me.

Arrive home to learn the power was back on, the washing machine was full of smelly clothes and the washing machine bit where you put the powder was caked up with wet powder. It appears a child had left his overdue washing until that morning, and the cycled had stopped before it was done. Due to power outage.

I could have a coffee, though, so that was a bonus.

Dinner done, basketball training delivery performed, boredom set in at about 7 minutes into the training session and, clearly inspired by my powered down day, I grabbed a spare ball and did a bit of shootin’ hoops.

This is not advisable in jeggings, boots and the wrong bra.

But I had fun.

There is also nothing like some time out and decent physical activity to wear you out, though. I may sleep well tonight!

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