Preparing for Solitude

The male contingent of my family went away for a few days.

I was to be left. Home. Alone.


I like to give my mind, body and soul a break, annually. I bugger off for a night or two, generally and ideally the latter, and just, you know, rejuvenate. Give my mind some time to not have to think about anyone or anything. It has the amazingly remarkable effect of making all the rest of me feel rejuvenated too. As though the state of my mind affects my body!

What a crazy thought!

(That was sarcasm for those incapable of reading sarcasm.)

I haven’t had one of those moments for such a long time. Not one where I don’t have to brain at all. As a result, my brain thing work good not, think can’t.

I picked littlest one up from his last day at school, the middlest one having wandered off home on his own as he has been wont to do this year, and bypassed the supermarket to obtain some milk; the milk levels in our house being in deficit for the last several hours.

Knowing I had a few nights on my lonesome (WOOO!) I thought I’d stock up with a few things that I rather like consuming, and equally rather dislike sharing. So into the trolley went the gourmet crackers, the range of deliciously scrumptious cheeses, a thing of pate, and an ice cream fit for gourmandes.

All the while, I was muttering “Must remember the milk”.

As it turns out, when I arrived home and sneakily snuck the ice cream, cheeses and crackers into a variety of hiding places, I discovered that we remained milkless.

That was going to suck the next morning. Although I could, I guess, always go get some more. At that moment, however, I was helping the family get themselves sorted to leave on their holiday. I did this by saying, every

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