The Day From Hell that I forced my children to endure yesterday clearly had some repercussions.

Of course, I didn’t realise what those repercussions were for quite some time.

I did my usual morning things this morning, just like I usually do; with bleary eyes, and much confusion.

I really do not morning well at all.

Still, I always manage to pour coffee, into a mug and then down my gullet, shower, make school lunches, make my lunch, get dressed, pack my shoes to change into when I make it into the office, and do my hair and makeup.

Ok, they hair thing might be a bit of a stretch, but I do what I can with it. It’ll do what it wants anyway.

The makeup, I can do. Ironically, for one who is SO NOT a makeupy sort of chick, I can do it in a few minutes.

In fact, I can do the entire, aforementioned list, along with several other things in the time it takes my six-year-old to get naked enough to roll around his bed.

A fundamental component of his morning routine, apparently.

Anyhoo, it was hours later, when my brain had kicked in (usually around 10.00 a.m. so long as I’ve had another coffee) that I realised I had glitter all over my face.

I’m fairly sure I’d skipped that bit when I did my face before I left.

Much later, like when I arrived home, I found some photos on my phone.

The older two had been playing “Whores”, which is the title they gave me when I confronted them about the photos.

The Biggest One had used the Middlest One as a canvas, with my makeup.

It seems the sparkly bits on my face were, in fact, Cleavage Candy; a substance designed to enhance one’s cleavage and leave it glitterly and sparkly.

The worst bit was, I mentioned this to the kids because, well, they asked.

Boob Face, apparently, is the new Funniest Phrase in the World.

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