First day back at school after the holidays and I’m so not ready for it.

Too tired from the weekend.

Remembered must ensure Monkey Boy takes preferred time for Parent Teacher Interview response note back to school today. After I picked him up from school.

Made mention of it as I placed it in his book bag this evening.

“See this. Very important. You must give it to your teacher in the morning. Ok? You will remember?”

“Oh. The Parent Teacher Interview note. That’s scary! That’s even scarier than getting the reports. That’s the worst day of school, worse than report day. What are you going to wear?”

Hmm. Good question. Unfortunatley, right now I have a Hobbit Foot, a swelling of the complete lower half of one leg, preventing a shoe from going on that foot and leaving me with a cankle (where the calf turns into an ankle and you can’t tell where one finishes and the other starts).

Until I can control that … my enitre wardrobe has gone to pieces. I don’t need the stress of thinking about Parent Teacher Interviews on top of that.

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