Went off, tongiht, to a lovely, scumptious, fine-dining type dinner with friends.

Delicious. I love these dinners. These meals. Mmmmmmmm.

Because I am an anal food snob, and I am the first to admit it. If its not cooked in duck fat, then its probably not worth eating.

(Except my spag bol and cheesey mac, of course)

Left younger, childless brother in charge of kids.

He turned up on time. Monkey Boy was at gymnastics, so car seats were sorted and directions given.

Dinner was already prepared, so he had no need to worry about that.

Rang from the restaurant at 10 past 8.

“Hiya, the kids are fine, I was a bit late picking Monkey Boy up but he was waiting and he was ok, and the kids have eaten and we’re just about to watch a video, but they’re fine and they will have a bath first, but they ate a lot and we planted the lemon tree. Godzilla is really good at throwing isn’t he, but they had fun and they’re O …”

“Yeah, whatever, can you just make sure you tape Desperate Housewives tonight. Make sure the video is set to channel 7 and just tape it, OK? Thanks.”

Got home, kids asleep, brother asleep on couch.

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