Product Experience: The Trash Pack – absolute garbage that's absolutely awesome

A couple of months back, I was invited to attend a Toy Fair at an exhibition centre in Melbourne, courtesy of Moose Enterprise, who are responsible for such things as Angry Birds, Talking Tom, Annoying Orange and various other plush toys, AquaSand, Sea Monkies (I always wanted some of these as a kid! And last week!), Bakugan, AquaDoodle, Smubbles and … sooooo much more.

Anyhoo, after experiencing a guided tour of their stand (impressive) I was sent on my merry way with a bag containing an assortment of their products.

The children, all too aware that I’d been invited to a Toy Fair and hated me because I wouldn’t let them take the day off school to accompany me, and I farewelled them at the school gate with a “You weren’t invited, so ner!”, harassed me from the moment they returned home from school, until I handed over the goods.

I let them choose one item each from the bag.

Godzilla chose The Trash Pack, much to my amazement and disgust.

More shit to lie around the house and to be told to pick up, repeatedly, in a very loud voice, I had thought at the time.

What transpired has left me astounded, yet delighted at the same time.

He immediately opened the pack, and disappeared into his room and played. For hours!

Over the next few days he proceeded to nag me about getting some more. As he had some pocket money owing, I buckled. At this point, I was still a bit “hmmm, not sure about this” as they are, quite literally garbage. They are small, cheap and are “collectable”, which basically means there are a shit load of them for you to buy.

I was dubious about their longevity and I am vehemently against buying useless crap that will lie around and annoy me.

We returned home, his new packs under his arm, and proceeded to play … again for hours!

Let me sum up a few things before I proceed, things that have made me happy:

  • he got off his iPod and played with stuff
  • he created stories, themes, scenes and all kinds of imaginative play stuff. And things.
  • he played with his younger brother, whom had intercepted the Trash Pack party with this Thomas the Tank Engine trains and they had a great little game together
  • he played with his older brother, and they created a great story involving The Trash Pack newsreaders, a Zeppelin and a tragedy that befell the town of Trashpackia
  • he made a series of videos, telling this story and various others, using his extremely vivid imagination .. and not just one of him dancing naked to Sexy & I know it, either, but stories involving The Trash Pack.

To put this into context, this stuff doesn’t happen very often off the iPod. You may get bouts of it, with his stuffed toys, or various other toy-like paraphernalia, but it rarely, if ever, lasts days, let alone weeks as The Trash Packs have been doing.

It hasn’t been all rosy. He had a near meltdown when Chippie took a liking to Moo Cow Disease and ran off with it.

Monkey Boy has, at times, attempted to control the situation and stories, and it has resulted in skull-bashing repercussions.

Three Trashies have gone missing. It has been devastating.

There are fucking Trashies scattered all around his room at times. Thankfully, they are nowhere near as painful to stand on as LEGO bricks are. Phew.

He is learning responsibility and to take care of his things. He has them mostly (now) contained to one area.

He has not let up on nagging me until I completely lose my ‘nana about getting more Trashies. It is his birthday next week and his only requests have been ‘more Trashies’ and has stepped out of his comfort zone to tell family members and friends exactly what he’d like for his birthday.

We gave a couple of Trash Pack sets to a friend for his birthday earlier this year. His mum, a few weeks later, rang me to say “Thanks for that”. It may or may not have been loaded with sarcasm, but when this friend comes over to play, with his rapidly growing Trash Pack collection, they play nicely and stay out of my way for the entire time. Win-win, really.

Moose were kind enough to donate some Trash Pack sets to the goody bags for Mums Night Out!

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  1. Annie is as you know a Trash Pack addict. Her interest began last year when freebie Trashie came home attached to Kid Zone magazine that is given out to all children through the school library. Clever marketing Moose. Very clever.

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