Product Review: Bosisto's Tea Tree Spray

Ah, Melbourne Summer.

Love it. Stinking hot days, followed by coolish days, another stinker, a week solid of rain, cold, really hot, then mild. With some rain. And that was just one day this week. Pahahha. Those who have ever ventured into Melbourne will appreciate that joke. Except, well, its not really a joke, because it’s fact.

Anyhoo, that fabulous combination of 47 different weather patterns over a week, particularly the muggy, rainy bits, produced a plethora of fun after effects, including, but not limited to:

  • mosquito breeding in the babies bath that somehow ended up outside in the garden bed and filled with water
  • stinking, fetid shoes
  • mosquito breeding in all manner of damp, puddly bits around the house

Therefore, an increase in mozzie bites for the family. Well, three-fifths of the family at any rate. I am, and always have been, a mozzie magnet. Which is one of the reasons, I think, Grumpy was also attracted to me; he could sit next to me at twilight bbqs and remain bite free.

I am of mixed feelings in relation to my children, the two youngest of whom have inherited my mozzie-attracting quality and are usually the first targets. Sadly, they also appear to have inherited my mild allergy to them, enhanced the allergy and

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