Product Review: Dyson V6 Absolute

It was a week and a half ago that I was invited along to a Dyson pop-up event to learn all about the new Dyson V6 Absolute; a cordless concoction of vacuumy goodness.

Upon arrival, I was a little hesistant. Mostly because I was confronted by a table that appeared to be inviting participation in some sort of craft-type activity. As you know, this is not my forte … but still, I participated …

Look! LOOK! I did CRAFT things 🙂 #dyson #dysonv6 #domesticgodless

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Chippie, on the other hand, had a ball. He created an array of glittery creatures, but was mostly intrigued by the technology that was the topic of discussion. He was thoroughly enthralled in the demonstration, participated in the demonstration, and cleaned up an awful lot of glittery mess. Indeed, he was very much the Dyson Mascot for the morning …

He even asked if we could buy one and was most excited when advised I’d get him one for Christmas.

Lo and behold, a little over a week later, one arrived on the doorstep, courtesy of Dyson themselves. For the last week we have heard little else outside of the Absolute and everything it does.

It was sent to us so we may review it and give you our thoughts. I was happy to have it just to utilise on the perpetually persistent presence of two minute noodles that I am finding in all kinds of places. It really is no wonder that my older two seem to be eating them constantly; I believe more noodles are finding their way under the table and across the living room floor than in their mouths.

Anything to rid the carpet of them (the noodles, not the kids, but it’s a fine line at the moment) and the dirt that magically appears on the floor just inside the front door.

I, personally, haven’t had a chance to have a play with it, but have seen enough of it in action – and have heard enough about it – to have worked out that it works on two minute noodles, dirt on floors, and the pile of Milo that magically appears in the same corner of the kitchen every afternoon, just after school.


We have almost as many stairs in the house as we do two minute noodles on the floork and I have found some of the attachments, and the wibbly wobbly movement of the head is quite effective for giving the stairs a quick vac.

It’s also not bad at all for vacuuming noodles, Milo and who knows what from the chairs and kitchen benches.


Or, rather, Chippie has.

Although it does offer storage for some of the attachments via the charging/storage station, it is not yet secured anywhere, and like all other ‘toys’, once the Little One had finished playing, it was left where he’d finished with it and not put away.

This, quite seriously, is exacty how he left it and it is not set up at all …


It was no less effort than those dinosaurs to get him to put it all away.

We do also have an Electrolux, rechargeable cordless vac with similar features. The Dyson is better for getting right into the corners of the kitchen, and the attachments seem to be more effective. The main head on both are pretty much on par, but the Dyson does get closer to kickboards than the alternative.

I don’t like that you have to hold the button down to keep the Dyson on, but it hasn’t really been much of an issue.

Both have roughly the same running time and both are easy to clean … although the Dyson is just a little easier to empty and wipe out; fewer fiddly bits and a direct empty out (over a bin! Please, over a bin!!!)

They Dyson is more expensive, but comparatively speaking, it is easier to use, is lighter, more manouverable, gets into corners and edges much more effectively, is more compact and easy to store, offers more features and … well, the technology is pretty awesome.

If you suck up glitter, it’s also far more exciting to watch spin around in the barrel, too.

And a little along the lines of LEGO (no, not just left lying around all over the floor) the attachments and components are easily interchangeable and can be used on older or other versions of Dyson vacuum. They are really easy to change.


Now I think about it, the clear barrel also allows you to see just how much LEGO you’ve sucked up off the floor and can rescue it more easily than if you were to have to empty out a bag and sift through mountains of dirt, spiders (hopefully dead, but you never can tell) and having to re-vacuum all the stuff you’ve spent a couple of weeks ridding your carpets of.

In short, we’re impressed and will, one day, be installing it in an easily accessible area. Somewhere near the collection of noodles and Milo that I stumble across far too often. Somewhere I can follow up my “how the bloody hell did you get two minute noodles there” with “could you not find the Dyson to clean your mess up? It’s right

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