9 Replies to “Product Review & Giveaway: LEGO Star Wars III The Clone Wars”

  1. Wouldn’t it be great if you could drown one in chocolate? Or bombard them with chocolate chips until the chocolate covered them, melted and made any further killing on their behalf impossible? Yes, I have chocolate on the brain….

  2. I would “slay” a LEGO Star Wars character by ever so slowly taking it apart bit by bit all the while laughing maniacally!!!! I don’t need a Wii……LOL.

  3. How would I slay a star wars character…. slowly and painfully I think. Perhaps I’d carbon freeze one and then slice it into super think slices starting from his toes. Why? Because my stupid husband just let my three year old watch Star Wars and now he is having nightmares about Darth Vader and Storm Troupers and do you think my husband is the one getting up in the night one million times?? No of course not… actually on second thoughts perhaps I should just slay my husband. And that was Slay not ahem… lay… ok I should stop now… this is totally lack of sleep talking….
    Oh and by the way SO nice to finally meet you last Friday!

  4. I’d slay any Lego Star wars character Chewbacca style by ripping his limbs off, one by one. Then maybe tell the kids, that if i stand on one more lego piece, i’ll do the same to them!!

  5. I would just let my Master 5 slay the Lego Star, he would not only off load some energy but it would keep him out of hair, yah, which would be just like a little holiday.

  6. Quick update- have commissioned 10yo Lego Star Wars fan to help choose the winner.

    He can’t decide, as there are three of these entries he likes … he is currently writing those names on paper and will randomly choose one …

  7. And the Winner is …


    (he’s taking a while) … *sigh*

    More wine??


    And the winner is …..

    Oh, FFS hurry UP!



    Melanie!!!!! Please email me with your postal address details, Melanie and I will forward you your new Wii game!

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