Product Review: Little Learners & ASG

At the Kids Business Bloggers Brunch mid last month I had the pleasure of catching up with a few of the team from ASG – the Australian Scholarships Group. Again.

T’is always lovely to meet them because I not only quite love the idea of ASG, but I have been a member for close to 14 years.

Well, my kids have. I signed each of them up before their first birthdays, and whilst over the years we’ve had a few instances of “Fucking ASG have taken the money out of our account”, we are starting to see the rewards.

Yep, now our eldest is in high school, the last three years we’ve received a cheque from ASG, covering a considerable portion of his school related expenses. In fact, this year, I think we came out in front.

I’m SO glad we decided to do it, and that we stuck with it. Because it really has been very, very handy.

Kind of sort of like insurance, only you actually get back what you put away. More like a forced saving, anyway.

Would I recommend it? Abso-frigging-lutely. Just do it.

Oh, and for the record, I’m not getting any sort of kick back, reward, incentive, payment (financial or otherwise) for saying that. It was a choice we made, years before I started this blog, and something I’m really glad we did. Just my opinion and personal experience.

Anyhoo, at the Blogger’s BBQ I learnt a little more about some of the additions they’ve made to the organisation, including but not limited to resources for parents to help make life a little less stressful.

They did give me one of their Little Learner packs to have a look at and a play with. The pack, from the ASG site,

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