Product Review: Willy Wagtail Patty Pocket Pants

I got … well, technically Chippie got sent a pair of Patty Pocket Pants from Willy Wagtail Clothing.

Let me tell you about Willy Wagtail, first up; they are a children’s clothing range, manufactured in Australia (not offshore),created using Australian Merino wool and conceived by an Australian family. Nice.

Of course, I was approached regarding trying out this clothing range in the midst of a Melbourne Winter (ie tit-freezing-off cold) and I requested to check out the Foxy Footies, as, quite frankly, I was getting a little bit miffed about having a pair of freezing feet work their way up, and sometimes down, my top each morning. Don’t ask … it’s best you’re not aware of how that plays out … just saying.

Anyhoo, they don’t do them in size 3, sadly, so was sent a pair of Patty Pocket Pants. Just as Melbourne threw us an unseasonal couple of warm days and I thought “Great, bloody good timing. Am being sent some pants made from Merino wool and it’s warming up. Typical.”

The pants weren’t quite what I expected. They were, in fact, quite light, very soft and pattable, and whilst I imagine they would keep one warm, they weren’t “woolly” like I thought. Because, obviously, I am ignorant about such things. Or was. I’m not now 🙂

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