Product Reviews

For the Reader of Diary

From time to time I write up a review of a product or service I have experienced. I do this because:

  1. I have used/been somewhere/done something that I would like to write about and I will sometimes do this as a review;
  2. A PR company or a business itself will contact me and ask me to review their product/service/thing;
  3. I have seen something on the interwebs that I feel is worthy of my time to comment on it.

Unless otherwise specified, I have not been paid to conduct the review. I’m happy for you to send me money. I have either paid for the product/experience myself, or have been sent the product by the company in question so that I may review it. I, when I remember, will acknowledge this. If I don’t, it’s because I either paid for it myself or I forgot. Because I do that sometimes.

For the product or service business or PR company

If you are looking to have your product reviewed by someone people listen to because she is not full of shit, please contact me. Here’s some things you need to know before you do:

  1. I will do an honest review of my experience with your product;
  2. It will by reviewed in my style and the style of the blog;
  3. There is no guarantee I will publish a review, nor when this will happen. I do endeavour, however, to publish a review of all products I am requested to review. I do my best :);
  4. Obvioulsy, I will need to see, feel, smell and experience the product in person – otherwise, it’s not really a review, is it? So you’ll need to send me

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