Proud? Or worried?

Ah, gotta love little boys.

They can make their mummies so happy.

And have then so worried at the same time.

As I discovered when watching TV with Godzilla (eating lollies) and an ad for some hotted up cars comes along.

With semi-naked women dancing all around them.

I hate this stereotype. Probably because I don’t have a hotted up car. Or look even semi-decent when semi-naked.

Come to think of it, I don’t often dance around cars either. Hmmmm.

Godzilla turns to me and says, in all his innocence “I like to have all dose cars”

Argh! A rev head. Just what I need.

“But I don’t like dem wif da ladies on dem”

Awww, how cute and what a sensitive, non-sexist little boy. So respectful of women. I’m so proud.

Then, of course, the mother kicked in and began to worry that he prefers cars to women.

Oh, no – what am I doing wrong?!

And why was this not in What to Expect when you’re expecting?

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