Pushing Buttons

School orientation didn’t go too badly at all. No repeat of last weeks lying on the floor sobbing.

From Godzilla either.

He did, however, go to a different classroom. But did manage to swindle everyone into letting Monkey Boy accompany him. And to keep a toy that he wanted to play with.

Monkey Boy was extremely supportive and helpful and caring towards his brother. Again, that imposter, who, by the time we got to swimming lessons had transformed back into the Monkey Boy that lives with us.

Damn him.

And by the time the lessons had finished, he had well and truly turned into Obnoxious, Not Listening and I-know-when-enough-is-enough-but-I-don’t-care Mode. Which caused me to cease any further discussion about impending birthday and likelihood of spending it with a small group of friends doing something fun and eating cake.

In fact, it wen tot he point of me being forced to not only cease discussion but outright state “That’s it! No birthday, I’ve had it with you!”

Hmm. The Guilt’s hit, because I do love a birthday and I could very well scar him for life. But still, he has been a right little shit of late. That should solve it.

“Well. Can I earn it back?”

WTF???? AARRGGHHHHH!!!! Which bit of “you’re being a shit so you’re being punished for it” do these kids not get.

I advised not bloody likely and that he’d want to be performing miracles for me to even consider.

Once we’d eaten, bathed and calmed down considerably, I went into to chat with him about behaviour, taking repsonsibilty for behaviour and not only knowing when enough is enough, but actually stopping at that point.

I let him know that I know he’s just pushing buttons to see how far he can push me. And that he pushed the wrong one, and now, no party with friends.

And then, just to make my point, I took my finger and poked him in the cheek. And said “Push”. “Just like that” I told him.

Then I did it agian. And again, and about several hundred more agains. All over his face and body.

“See,” I say. “Pushing like that. Is it getting annoying?”

He agreed. It was very annoying.

So, basically because I can, I just kept going ….

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