Put a bandaid on it, you'll be fine …

Godzilla very quickly recovered from his Mysterious Illness of two day’s ago.

I plied him with panadol, relegated him to his bed, where he slept for several hours, got up,scoffed down his dinner and sat up and watched a movie.

I put his rapid recovery down to the Immunisation Schedule we have going in our house, which not only includes the government recommended jabs, but also the fact that I gave up freaking about them eating floor food, grass, sand, cat water and whatever that was stuck on the underside of a cafe table long ago, chose to forgoe arguing about wearing shoes at all times, outdoors, in various, extreme climes and extended the Three Second Rule from 3 seconds to the equivalent of 36 horus. Or was that “days’? Whatever.

He was up and about, happy and bouncy (who the fuck is happy and bouncy before 10 am, let alone before 6.50am ???) and getting sorted for school. Without prompting. Perhaps he is still unwell? Hmmmm

Went for dinner at

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  1. Gah, guess I’d better do the same thing, and drag no.1 son off to the doc tomorrow. After complaining about sore ears (and being given the all clear at the hospital last week but that’s a different story) he’s now refusing to hear anything… “I can’t hear you, my ears are blocked”!

    why can’t they just sort ’emselves out like they usually do?

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