Putting on a Happy Face

I had it pointed out to me the other day (and lots of other days at various intervals in the weeks, months, and even years preceding that) that I project this if not ‘perfect’ life, then defintely a happy one. Everything is nice and lovely, and my life is awesome.

That I put on this decidedly public “happy face” where everything is lovely and kittens and rainbows and stuff.

It became a bit of problem when I expressed a sadness to someone, and they hadn’t realised, because I’m “always so happy”.

I probably project this, unintentionally at times, because I am, genuinely and generalyl, happy. I’m one of those people who likes a laugh, and laughs at inappropriate things. I also tend to say really inappropriate things at inappropriate times, which makes people laugh, and causes them to see me as “always so happy”.

“Always so happy”, I guess, like say Robin Williams was always so happy.

If I may take a moment to defend myself – and if I may preface this by saying this is

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