Putting the Sex(ual innuendo) Back into your Marriage

The last few weeks have been somewhat tumultuous in this particular household.

Well, really, it’s been the last year or so, but the last month, in particular, has been considerably more so.

Everyone is out of sorts, out of routine, anxious, tired, frustrated, tired, grumpy, argumentative, and with tempers that are verging on falling into the negatives.

Yes, we are a fun bunch to be around at the moment! Why do you ask?

Needless to say, Grumpy Pants and I have barely had a moment together, nice, angry or otherwise. Those moments we do, we’re either exhausted, tired, grumpy, tired, frustrated, or I’m head down in a box and trying to find places for everything.

Even the head down, bum up; whilst most

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