Rainy days

Ah rain. Its lovely. We haven’t seen it for so long that Godzilla cannot be convinced that the grey covering the sky is in fact clouds, and not smoke from bush fires.

Went off to local massive shopping centre this morning. There was a massive massive book sale on. So couldn’t miss that one.

Godzilla also needed some new, open toed, easy-on easy-off sandles. The ones he has are cheap, nasty, hard for him to get on and off, and I’m beyond putting his shoes on for him. And they hurt his feet.

And he “hates dese ones”. Fair ‘nough. I do to.

First shop, tanties coz he “want his daddy” who had opted not to come with us. No sandles in his size.

Second shop, ditto with the tanties. None in his size.

Third shop, daddy off looking at boring stuff, so ditto re the tanties (in all honestly, I’ll deal with these tanties, so long as I don’t have to deal with daddy in a shoe shop as well. Or instead of). No sandles in his size.

Walked past a fourth shop – which we nearly missed coz we had the “I wanna go up dose stairs” tanty – and they had shoes on sale!

And they had nice sandles!

And they had his size. As he’s between sizes, I double checked, and, Yes!, they had both. Yay.

Godzilla gone.

He’d hidden under the table with the shoes on it. Daddy and big brother were with us this time, but the tantrum carried on anyway.

I dragged him out by the leg and flipped him onto his back with a well practiced, single and efficient movement. Whilst he screamed “I hate dose shoes, I love dese ones” pointing to the cheap and nasties he had on his feet.

My original aim had been to hold the new pair up to his old pair to see how we were for size.

But he’d pushed me too far.

So I held his legs whilst removing a shoe and replacing it with a potential new one, just as the sales assistant walked over and, stupidly, asked if she could help.

Grumpy and I sometimes have quite different parenting philosophies. Which can be a problem at times.

So, whilst he was saying

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