Hello and welcome!

I’m guessing you’re here because some random wandered up to you and handed you a card with this web address on the back, and your curiosity was piqued?

Or you’re just really wondering why the hell someone gave you this card; a card that made you smile, warmed your heart and gave you even the teensiest sense of relief?

Here’s why …

You were given the card because someone saw that you were having a sad or difficult moment. They could see you were struggling a little with whatever was happening for you at the time, and their heart went out to you.

Not knowing what to say, yet wanting you to know you weren’t alone, that they could see you needed some words of encouragement or a smile or a hug, they gave you this instead.

(Apparently, walking up to random strangers in the street and giving them a hug, even if they need it, is ‘weird’ and a little bit frowned upon …)

They would have liked to have actually hugged you – and maybe they even did? – or said a kind word or two, and for whatever reason, they gave you a card, a Random Act of Kindness Card.

Because we all love a little bit of kindness thrust our way, and it’s nice to receive one.

So take your smile, your ‘hug’ and your words of encouragement for they are for you, given by someone who saw, felt and cared enough about you to let you know, even if you are both strangers to each other.

Keep your RAK Card in a place that is highly visible, to remind you that you are loved, important and not alone.

Keep it somewhere safe and private, to pull out whenever you need a reminder, a smile, a hug or just to feel good.

Keep it on you and you might like to pass it on to another Mum you see, having a difficult time and looking like she needs a smile, a hug or to know she’s not alone – pay it forward.

It is yours to do with as you wish.

We hope it made you smile, feel comforted or let you know you’re not alone and you’re doing awesomely!

If you’d like to tell us about your RAK Card, please do – we love hearing nice, positive stories. You can do so via the

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