Rantus Interruptus

Three kids, no voice, a late ‘can you come into work please’ for the hubby and school holidays.

Needless to say, this makes for one tired and grumpy mamma.

I entertain the children as best I can. Most of which involves me saying “Please stop asking me questions. I cannot answer you. You are making my head hurt.” Then I run out of energy to do much else.

Grumpy is let out of work early and arrives home. He is in a jovial mood. I am so far from ‘jovial’ by this point that the Grand Canyon sized gap between our levels of jovialness is evident.

All credit to him, he recognises this and makes some good attempts at resolving the issue. Unfortunately, his attempts rely on being a smartarse to ‘lighten the mood’.

The gap widens.

I commence making dinner, and they’re all hovering around the kitchen “What’s for dinner?”, “I don’t like that”,

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