Real Mums 12 Days of Christmas

We got into a little bit of a discussion, over at the Bad Mother’s Club, about what we’d like for Christmas.

And, of course, what we’re likely to be receiving from our families on this most joyous day. After all, we are most deserving of some splendourous receiving. Aren’t we?

Anyhoo, talk inevitably turned to what we were likely to be receiving. It looks a little like this (we put it in song form for you, for your entertainment):

On the twelfth day of Christmas my family gave to me:

12 lice and crawlies

11 wee-ed on toilets

10 minutes complaining

9 dirty dishes

8 unmatched socks

7 loads of washing

6 balled up boogers

Fiiiive crap paintings

4 used bandaids


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