Reading English Good, Fuckit

It is a little know fact, because I don’t really feel the need to go on about it, although I realise that is a little contradictory right now … I’m just trying to set the scene … work with me here, okay?

Anyhoo, it is a little known fact that I volunteer some of my Spare Time (HA!) to work with children whom require additional assistance with their reading. To bring them up to “standard” or “average” or “what’s expected” or whatever.

Loving reading and devouring words like others devour chocolate I am constantly intrigued and absorbed in how they learn to read, how they decipher the words, how the interpret things, and even how they form the sounds, particularly those children for whom English is their second language.

Reading is something that is not a problem in my household, with my kids. Unless, of course, you count the first year of school and the absolute utter resistance to doing the evening reader, despite reading being something we do and have done with all three kids since the day they were born, every single night.

That, and that we often have to go in at very late hours and say “Turn the bloody light off and go to sleep!”

I never thought I’d

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