Real Easy School Lunches: Sandwiches

Sandwiches seem to be the go for the “main” component of the school lunch, and the component that appears to be most faffed about with in terms of creating something special, variety and all the rest of it.

When posting my image of a Ham Sandwich on my Facebook profile some weeks back, I received a barrage of questions and comments. I will address some of these now.

The Ham Sandwich that started it all …

Jessica said: “I like how you’ve added colour to the bread. What would one call this? I’ve only ever seen the white, rectangle cut version …”

Well, Jessica, thanks for asking. Please listen carefully … I used what is referred to as “wholemeal bread” which can easily be purchased from any supermarket, bakery, milk bar or 7-eleven (for a hefty price). You may find it sitting beside the white bread you speak of.

Interestingly, these breads come in a variety of formats, including colours and textures. White breads even come it versions oft referred to as “high fibre”, and sometimes comes with the whole grains in it. This is called “multigrain bread”, or “bird seed bread” when you are a kid and want to refuse to eat it.

Using different kinds of bread for your sandwiches can lead to what some refer to as “variety”. I find using a different sort of bread is handy when I have run out of the bread I use and have to use whatever I can get my hands on at short notice.

(There will be more of this in later Real Easy Lunches Updates!)

I will address the issue of triangle versus rectangle at a later date. For now, I won’t overwhelm you and will stick to sandwiches and their construction.

Which brings me to Kelly who asks “How does one assemble?”

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  1. This is a HUGE help! Thank you. One thing I found to be a handy “spread” replacement that doesn’t even require an extra utensil – tomato or bbq sauce from the squeezy bottle!

    1. *gag* – I remember my then 4 year old eating a peanut butter and spinach sandwich … more than once! o.O

      He also gave peanut butter and tomato sauce a go … just the once! LOL

      Due to the peanut butter component, he had them at home … I kinda wish he wasn’t at home when eating these combinations.

      I, personally, can’t do Vegemite with anything … with cheese makes me gag. Not sure about with ham though o.O

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