Real Easy School Lunches: Snacks #1 – Carrot Sticks

Commencing on this bid to enlighten the School Lunch Making World, I have inadvertently focussed on the main lunch. I.e. Sandwiches.

Bronwyn said, at the time of the Ham Sandwich, “But what about the [hyperventilates] snacks? Dear God woman, you know they need snacks!”

Bronwyn is correct. They (I assume she is referring to the school children for which she is responsible for, and not the omnipresent “they” who say all manner of horrible things, but no one can actually point out) do need snacks.

I’m going to share with you now the Snack Staple that goes into every lunch box I put together. With the very rare exception of those times this particular item is not available in our fridge. Very rare, indeed.

These are what I call Carrot Sticks.

Carrot Sticks

I take a largish carrot (I do try to avoid having to use more than one carrot, as that is just annoying) give it a quick rinse under the tap, if it hasn’t already been subject to one during the Putting Away Process, chop the ends off, chop it into three, roughly equal chunks along its length and proceed to slice it into roughly similarly sized ‘sticks’, down it’s length.

If you look carefully, you will see I have not gone to the trouble of peeling it.

One carrot will easily do two lunch boxes, and now I make it do three, even though it may beg me not to butcher it in such a manner.

Remember, there are other snacks that will be accompanying it, so you don’t need to do too much.

Some kids also find they take too long to eat, so 1/2 to 1/3 of a carrot is ample.

My Eldest One used to like having a blob of cream cheese and a blob of sweet chilli sauce in his lunch box to go with his carrot. Too easy!

So, yes, this is the snack I rely on and goes in every day.

It is cheap (less than $2 per bag which will last a week, and can also be utilised for the evening meal most nights! Hurrah!), quick, easy and allows you to play with sharp knives before you’ve finished your morning coffee …

The other awesome thing about carrots is if you don’t have any big ones, the smaller ones require even

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