Real Easy School Lunches: Snacks #2 – Cheese

Another regular in our school lunch boxes is cheese.

Nothing too fancy.

The Biggest One, when at primary school, would have a blob of cream cheese with added sweet chilli sauce. He’s past that now, what with being all pre-teenagery, so he just smothers his dinner in cheese.

The Middlest One on the Littlest One will regularly have the addition of cheese in their lunch. Because I say so.

Sometimes, I just hack a couple of slices off the block and whack it in the lunch box.

Depending on who has got to the cheese before I have will determine the exact shape they get. That’s about as much variety in terms of cutting shapes out that they get.

Mostly, I like to combine two snack ideas together, and give them a slice of cheese on a cracker/crispbread of sorts … whatever there is in the cupboard, but mostly Vita Weat.

Again, depending on how butchered the cheese block has become will determine whether I need to cut two slices, or just one slice and halve that.

Then one slice goes on one crispbread and I use the other as a lid.

If I can be arsed, I might remember to spread a layer of margarine on the crispbread/cracker to stick it all together. Mostly, I just forget.

Still …

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