Real Easy School Lunches: Snacks #3 – Fruit

Kids don’t get enough fruit these days.

And those that take fruit to school often bring it home again. Usually smooshed into some important note or other that probably needed to be returned to school last week or something.

I sit in a funny spot with the whole Fruit In The Lunch Box thing. Kids, generally, are not eating enough fruit and do need two serves each and every day (as do adults, and toddlers, and old people) for health, growth, development and wellbeing reasons.

Taking fruit to school is a really good opportunity for them to eat fruit. Also, they are more likely to eat it if their peers are, and to listen to their teacher say “eat your fruit” than they will you.

Taking fruit to school often means that which I have already mentioned; manky, mangled fruit coming back home.

Fruit has a higher Squish Factor rating than vegetables, and being placed in the school bag can range from somewhat annoying to “Oh, my lordy, what the

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