Real Easy School Lunches: Snacks #4 – Vegies

I’m guessing – hoping – you survived all of term 1 in the School Lunch Making Department and your child is still alive and demanding more school lunches on an almost daily basis?

I think, by this stage, you may very well have also made it a week into Term 2 and you’re all still alive and kicking.

Hurrah! Well done you!

I know we’ve kind of covered the “vegie” think in a previous Real Easy School Lunches post – the Posted in Food & Recipes, School LunchesTagged , ,

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    1. Seriously though, given my girls sensory issues I generally pop a fork or tooth pick in with their finger food as they just don’t like touching it, but do enjoy eating it.

      Skewers could be used instead of fork / tooth pick but I look at skewers and see weapons in the hands of my tiny terrorists who will inevitably use them as a light saber / sword / wand.

  1. WOW!! You have literaly opened a WHOLE NEW WORLD for me & my beloved children to explore!! Up until now I have been includeing 1 phalic shaped object ( carrot or banana) & 2 spheres (red apples or for a shake up, GEEN apples). I had on occasion included a cucumber (I did not cut it.) (it was organic & home growen (NOT by ME))

    I will now explore the vegie section to discover other vegies (or fruits) that I can make doodle pictures with.

    ADVICE PLEASE I do change the doodle sculpters befor I pack it into school bag. Is this right or wrong?

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